TEMetalbame has proven experience in prefabrication, surface preparation, primer, transport and erection of piping and supports. We have facilities and personnel certified to European standards (DIN) and American (ASME). The prefabrication was made in our workshops from the piping isometrics and their supports. The technical office mark in drawings sections of prefabrication and the welds of mount and if necessary prepares auxiliary drawings. The prefabrication of different qualities piping is performed separately to avoid contamination and / or mixtures of materials. All work is carried out following the guidelines of our quality control procedure and production.

Pipelines are assembled and finished on site including all items shown on the drawings which form part of the line. Ultimately, hydraulic testing is performed according to the circuits drawn on the basis of P & I. The work ends with the delivery of the documentation for assembly and welding procedures used, nondestructive testing, CE marking and minutes of the hydraulic tests.

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